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Our affordability calculator allows you to enter your gross annual income and your partners income and it will calculate how much you can borrow towards a property of your dreams.

Your gross income is the annual salary you get from work excluding taxes, travel and any other costs.

If you’re house hunting or a first time buyer, our handy tool can give you an idea of how much you can borrow from a mortgage and put towards a property. Our affordability calculator is flexible and allows you to change the gross income amounts so you can see how much you can borrow if you earned a different amount such as a pay increase from work.

The calculation we provide is based on what is offered by the leading mortgage providers that we work with. Next, you can fill in some basic details including the property value, mortgage purpose and finally your contact details so an experienced mortgage advisor can get in touch and help you get a mortgage to suit your requirements.

The amount you can borrow is subject to availability and will depend on other factors that we highlight below:

You Will Need A Deposit

Whilst your affordability is a very important part of getting a mortgage, it is unlikely that you will receive a 100% mortgage. However, a 60% to 80% is very realistic meaning that you will have to put down a deposit for the remaining value of the property.

The amount you can borrow is also known as the ‘loan-to-value’ and it comes in the form of a percentage. So if your property is worth £200,000 and the loan to value (LTV) available is 75%, this means that you will have to put down a 25% deposit, which is £50,000 and the rest you can borrow as a mortgage from a bank or building society.

Your deposit will come from your lifelong savings, contributions from family and friends and also any inheritance that you may have received.

Using The Value of Your Current Property

In addition to a deposit, you can also use the value of your current property and put it towards your next property. If you have a mortgage open at the moment, they are portable and can be moved or adjusted to accommodate the new property that you have your eye on.

How To Get The Best Mortgage Deal

In order to get the best mortgage deal and borrow the amount we have quoted, you will need a good credit rating. This is a record of all your payment history for other loans, credit cards and mortgage repayments. By repaying these on time over a long period, you will build up a good credit score and this will increase your chances of being approved for a mortgage, increased borrowing and low interest rates.

It is essential that you are in employment and that you are earning the salary you have provided in our calculator. Prior to making a mortgage application, you will need to speak to a mortgage provider and show proof of your salary and income for at least 3 months. Those applicants that work in the public sector such as the NHS, police or education may have access to schemes with high loans-to-value and lower interest rates.

Finally, a good deposit will mean that you don’t need to borrow as much and therefore you can get a mortgage with a lower interest rate because you technically own more of the property.

The Benefits of Using A Broker

By using an independent broker like Quiddi Compare, you are getting access to a variety or leading mortgage advisors and provides in the UK. By using our affordability calculator, we will put you in touch with a mortgage expert who will be able to listen to your requirements and find the best mortgage deal for you.

Your details will be treated in the strictest of confidence and this is something that is supported by our secure server, which protects your data and information. Our site is completely free to use and we will not pass on your details to any other companies without your permission.

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