Long-term lenders

The long-term lenders we feature at Quiddi Compare allow you to borrow from £100 to £20,000 and repay over 5 months to 3 years in monthly instalments. Applicants have the choice to apply for a secure or unsecured loan and decide whether they want to use their car or home as collateral to release more funds.

List of Long Term Lenders

Below is a list of long-term lenders that we work with and you can click through to an individual page about the lender and the loans that they offer.

It is completely free to compare long term loans through our website and we will not pass on your details to any other third party companies.

The advantages of borrowing from a Long Term Lender

By borrowing from a long-term lender, you have the flexibility to make smaller repayments over a long period of time and the convenience to repay early at any time if you want to. This is much more practical than borrowing payday loans where you are required to repay the full loan and interest on your next pay date. By staggering repayments over time, you can manage your finances with less stress hanging over your head.

Long-term lenders are perfect for large expenses and purchases such as weddings, new cars and home improvements. For instance, you could borrow up to £20,000 to renovate your kitchen or extend your home and end up making a greater return on investment when you sell your property.

For emergency purposes such as a funeral or burst water pipe, it can be very hard to pay thousands of pounds upfront – so having the option to repay a loan over a number of years makes perfect financial sense.

How much can you borrow with a Long Term Loan Lender?

The amount you can borrow with a long-term loan lender will depend on your personal finances. Those applicants with higher salaries are able to borrow more and as they can afford higher monthly payments. Lenders will tend to run a credit check on your account and those with a good credit history and record of repaying loans on time will likely have greater access to funds.

Furthermore, whether you decide to opt for a secured or unsecured loan will affect how much you can borrow. Despite the greater risk, a secured loan on your property or vehicle can allow you to borrow the maximum amounts offered by long-term lenders.

How we select our Long Term Lenders

We carefully review all the lenders we work with to ensure that they treat customers fairly, follow the regulatory guidelines and are actively approving loans. We frequently change the lenders we feature and add new lenders too in order to provide the best quality and loan products available.

The majority of lenders we feature are direct lenders meaning that you can apply directly on their website and the funds are transferred by this company. We will clearly state any brokers that we work with who will request your details to find the best loan product for you.

List of Long Term Lenders

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