Although there are plenty of cars in the market that you can get for a few thousand pounds, the better ones usually cost a lot more money that you simply do not have. One of the options that you have in order to get your desired vehicle is to get a car loan. Many people struggle to get approved for a car loan though, because they simply apply for them without learning about how they function.

It is important to understand how car loans work in order to have a better chance of acquiring them in order to get your desired vehicle. This article explains the basics of car loans, as well as discussing the different approaches that you can take in order to procure a desired car loan. The article also explains the fine details as well as the best practices of applying successfully for car loans to help people buy the wonderful vehicle that they desire.

Basics of Car Loans

A car loan is a direct lending product. You cannot use the money of this loan for any need other than for buying your car. It is a product which is solely designed to allow people to afford vehicles that otherwise they will not be able to get before building up a substantial amount of savings. Here, we describe the usual steps that you need to take when acquiring a car loan.

Doing Your Homework

The first step in obtaining a car loan is to do your homework and look for a number of car dealers. A car dealer is more than likely to provide you with a number of financing options. Alternatively, you can also find information from lending organisations about where you can find a vehicle for your travelling needs. Once you have learned about a few dealers and their associated banks or other lending agencies, it is time to move to the next step.

Finding the Best Vehicle

The next step to getting a car loan is selecting an ideal vehicle. You need to understand the actual cost of the vehicle, according to the available options at different dealers. A good car is the one that you can easily afford without having to put stress on your monthly budget. You should also ensure that you are selecting a car that you will easily be able to afford over the course of the loan period.

Selecting the Best Lender

There are many car loan lenders in the market. You need to select the best lender by comparing all the available options. There are different websites that allow you to compare the deals offered by the top car loan lenders. Good research will ensure that you do not lose your money in a bad loan and finalise a financial institution that you are comfortable with.

Getting through Documentation

Buying a car with financing requires you to provide complete documentation. Always make sure that you have completed all the requirements, before enjoying your new car. You should be clear about the selection of an insurance policy and all the legal requirements before taking the car out on the road.

Important Car Financing Terms

There are a few terms that hold important value in describing car loans. The knowledge of these terms allows you to successfully apply to the best lender available. These terms are usually present on the loan details provided by different car financing companies. Here is a basic explanation of the important terms.

APR (Annual Percentage Rate)

The APR is the most important term in any loan. Car loans are no exception in this regard. APR effectively represents the total cost of taking money on credit. It allows consumers to make comparisons between different car loans, in order to find out their real value. You should always go through the APRs of the loans that you are looking at in order to select and apply for the best car loan.

Financed Amount

The financed amount explains the total value of the money that you have taken in a loan. It includes the principal amount as well as all the charges that apply on the loan during its tenure. It does not include any charges that you have to pay prior to receiving a loan or those that you have to pay when closing on a car loan.

Finance Charge

It is the total cost of the interest and different fees that apply on a loan. Simply speaking, it represents a collection of the additional expenses that you have to endure when you take a car loan.

Total Loan Payment

The total loan payment is simply the addition of the financed amount and the charges that apply on it. This is the total value of the loan that you have to repay to the lender.

Sale Price

The sale price of the car is the amount of instalments and the down payment that you make at the start of the car loan. It often allows you to understand the actual worth of your car in terms of money.

Payment Schedule

The payment schedule completely describes the mode of repaying the loan. It describes the number of instalments as well as the amounts you need to pay back with each payment.

Best Practices for Car Loans

There are a few steps that you can take in order to ensure that you can successfully apply for a car loan. Here, we share two practices that you need to follow in order to get good car loans.

Find a Separate Loan

One of the practices that people follow, is asking a car dealer to recommend a few car loan lenders. This cuts down your options and you generally end by borrowing a loan which is not the best one for you. The best way to go about it is to always apply for the loan separately.

Explore Different Avenues

There are different ways to procure a car loan. Never be scared to try out the different avenues. There are banks, credit unions and even individual investors who give out car loans. There are also many online lenders who are more than willing to finance your car for a bargain. Exploring all these options will ensure that you apply where you have the best chance of being successful.


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