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There are two categories of accounts: Current Accounts and Savings Accounts. But when it comes to choosing the right type of account for your cash, it is important to be aware of every aspect of the different accounts in order to get the most out of them.


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The many savings accounts you should know about

Your chances of choosing the most appropriate and highly profitable bank account increase when you know the different types of savings accounts offered by banks and financial organisations. But you don’t need to get stressed out about the information overload because we have a brief intro to each of the different savings account types for you here.

Below are the different types of savings accounts that you can choose from:

  • Instant access savings accounts
  • Cash ISAs
  • Regular savings accounts
  • Peer to peer accounts
  • Fixed rate bonds

Is your savings account really helping you save more?

When it comes to savings accounts, there are many options that you can choose from. And just because it is a savings account, you cannot assume it to offer you the best deal in terms of your money. Some savings accounts might actually be decreasing your overall wealth by offering an interest rate below inflation. So when you think you are doubling your money by keeping it in your savings account, in actual, you might be losing it. Therefore, it is always better to know what you are dealing with and that the account is offering you the most profit.

If you look at the numerous savings account types, you get a little confused as which account you should be choosing. But when you have [insert company name], you can leave it all on us to get the best options for you.

Is Your Current Account Really The Best Of Them All?

Choosing a current account might be a little tricky as there are so many options available. But there is also a catch to it as you get to choose the one that offers the most perks and gives you more profit on your money. Each one of the current accounts available to choose has their distinct set of features and rewards. So, choose the best account using our current account comparison platform.

Which Bank Account
should you choose?

With numerous current account options in front of you, it is quite normal to get overwhelmed. But with our help, your choice becomes incredibly easy. Choosing the best account all comes down to the services and offers you are looking for. Hence, a current account that is perfect for a friend might not be as great for you.  So, take into account your needs and then choose a current account deal to get the greatest bang for the buck.

In order to help you get started with the process, we have a few tips for you below:

  • Check your spending habit by going through your previous bank statements.
  • For a current account with a cap on the amount for high interest rate, always keep the amount below it.
  • Check the limit on your current account to get the best out of your card.
  • Choose a current account that doesn’t have an expiry date for high interest rate.

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No matter what type of account you are looking for, we have all that you need to know and a platform to help you compare between UK’s best providers and make a decision that is most profitable!

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